How to gamble in Texas from the comfort of your home

Discover the convenience of online gambling in Texas with our guide on how to safely and comfortably place bets from your own home.

Legally speaking, as of 2024, most types of gambling are not allowed in Texas. You can purchase lottery tickets in Texas for instance, however as of now Casinos are not allowed to operate in Texas, you cannot place sports bets in Texas, and strictly speaking if you want to place some bets, then your only option is to do that outside of the state.

Are there other easier alternatives?

Yes. There are.

Instead of driving to the border with Oklahoma and going for instance to Winstar casino, you can also gamble from the comfort of your home using Crypto. Please note the information provided here is given without consideration of any other legal aspects and you should make a decision at your own risk.

You can use Crypto to place bets in online casinos or in sports betting websites. Sports betting in Texas is possible through Crypto. By using Crypto you can deposit and withdraw funds from websites that support the use of Crypto, and as mentioned above any legal aspects should be taken at your own risk only.

How do I use Crypto with gambling websites?

You store your crypto in your own cold or hot wallets, this is up to you. Then you make a deposit from these wallets to these websites. The withdrawal of funds from these sites is normally instant as well, so you don’t have to wait several “business days” like with a normal US website, this is why Crypto beats all the other alternatives.

You might have to use a VPN service with the website due to the US as an entire country being blocked from that site, however the sites listed below do accept VPN users, simply due to the fact they are not heavily regulated like normal American businesses. This is why many crypto businesses, and not only gambling ones, choose to operate from outside of the United States.

Which websites should I use?

We suggest these 3 main websites, which allow you to use VPN to sign up, and gamble freely from Texas. Once again, any legal aspect to such an action should be taken at your own risk, we are not responsible for decisions you make in that aspect!

The first website is BCGame which provides you a signup bonus, a free roll bonus every day, and many other bonuses and promos. The site has casino, sports betting and even horse and dog racing available for betting purposes. You can join the site here.

The second website is BetFury which pays you in BFG tokens for every activity you have on the site. You can exchange these tokens to real crypto or stake it and earn up to 50% per year. You can also buy these tokens yourself for investment purposes. 

The last website we suggest is Stake, and if you use this link you would get $1/day every day from Stake, no strings attached. It’s literally free money!