Exploring Profitable Opportunities: Discover the Top 6 Methods to Earn Bitcoin

Unlock the secrets to earning Bitcoin with our guide on the top 6 methods, including mining, trading, staking, and more innovative strategies.

The 6 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a global phenomenon that seemingly appeared out of nowhere in 2009, and people have been leveraging it for their own gains ever since. Naturally, this means there are plenty of websites that boast “free” Bitcoin but require you to invest in heavy hardware or buy into additional services. Luckily, it’s not all bleak because there are plenty of legitimate ways to earn Bitcoin, and we’ll tell you how below.

Crypto Faucets

If you’ve got some spare time to complete short puzzles, view ads, or complete a captcha, then crypto faucets could be perfect for you. All you need to get started with crypto faucets is a digital wallet and a reputable provider like Bitcoinker. The best way to make money is to attach your wallet and forget about it for some time while carrying out tasks now and again. Eventually, you’ll have built up revenue that you can exchange into other crypto or fiat currencies.

HODLing Crypto

When investing in crypto, it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place. HODLing is a great way to increase revenue on investment, especially if you choose the correct exchange. For example, if you use a bitcoin trading platform to buy crypto and leave assets in there for a year, you can earn money.

Crypto Airdrops

When crypto projects start-up they offer airdrops, which are free coins offered as part of a marketing campaign. Gifting the community free crypto coins helps generate traction on social media platforms like Reddit, which is a fantastic way to attract large investors. Finding airdrops is easy, you just have to head over to a platform like Airdrops.io or CoinMarketCap. Although airdrops are free, you should note that you’ll need to carry out small tasks - like sharing content on social media.

Watching Ads

You’ll be familiar with the concept of watching ads for reward, especially if you’ve played mobile games. Websites like AdCoin draw your attention to ads, which need watching for a set amount of time, and they reward you in cryptocurrency. As well as watching ads, you can usually earn additional income by referring friends and taking part in “spin and win” competitions.

By Exercising

If you already exercise, why not convert your energy into digital coins? For example, Sweatcoin will monitor your movements using smartphone hardware and will reward you in crypto. Alternatively, you can try FitCoin, which integrates with Garmin, Fitbit, and any other monitoring device to reward you with crypto.

Testing Apps

Developers need an audience to test out new services and apps, and they’re happy to reward time with crypto. For example, the Storm Play platform lets you try out new games, services, and products, which earns you crypto. The currency isn’t locked to native or Bitcoin, as you can earn Ethereum as well.

Take Away

Earning Bitcoin for free usually involves carrying out tedious tasks, unless you’re simply holding crypto assets in a rewarding exchange. However, they have very little impact on your daily life because tasks can be carried out while relaxing in front of the TV.