How to withdraw Crypto to cash or vice versa?

If you got paid from us, what do you do next? Fortunately more and more sites are starting to accept Crypto as forms of payment, but what if that’s not good enough for you, and you want to receive cash instead?

What if you actually want to buy more Crypto and convert your cash into Crypto Is it possible?

There are several ways to withdraw your Crypto currency into cash or buy Crypto with cash. Here are our top recommendations:


Virwox is a company based in Austria, and has been in the market for many years now, they are quite solid when it comes to buy or sell Crypto. You can send your Crypto to Virwox and exchange it to either PayPal, Skrill or a Bank account. You can also exchange your PayPal to Crypto but please note the first exchange requires some verification or time waiting as well. No other site is popularly allowing to exchange PayPal to Crypto!

Please also note Virwox requires you to convert your Crypto to SLL (Linden) and then exchange your SLL to Cash (or vice versa to Crypto). Sign up here:

LocalBitcoins Cryptocurrency Exchange

Trading Crypto

If you got paid from us in a form of some Crypto currency and you wish to exchange that Crypto into another Crypto you can use an exchange or a trading website.

Binance is one of the top websites that can allow you do so easily, but here are some other sites worth trying as well:


Changelly provides quite an instant exchange for Cryptos, so if you don’t want to deal with the hassles of trading your Crypto currencies in Binance or not paying a high fee (their BTC fee is quite expensive) consider using Changelly. Changelly will allow you to save and view all exchanges you ever made with them (good for those who require record keeping) and they also allow you to buy Crypto with a credit card which is a big benefit as well. Sign up here:

Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange


You can buy or sell Crypto by simply speaing to other buyers/sellers, see what they offer and if it’s reasonable for you then just accept and proceed with the trade.

The more you use LocalBitcoins the more your profile will be robust and more people will trust you. LocalBitcoins is an excellent source for anyone who wants to buy or sell Crypto, because the fees are low and you are talking directly to a buyer/seller, and the Crypto is held at escrow until both sides confirm they did their part of the trade.

You can signup to LocalBitcoins here:

LocalBitcoins Cryptocurrency Exchange